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The Game Plan

September 29, 2009 1 comment

For my first post, I am going to briefly write about my motives for starting this blog.

First, please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Jason Gordon and I am a fellow student of the market. No one is a master trader and there is no such thing as a stock market guru. Do not let anyone tell you otherwise. I have experience trading, but I will always be a student. Ask me twenty years from now and I will tell you that I am still a student of the market. Aside from that, I am a college student as well. I am currently attending Penn State University where I am studying economics. I am originally from the Greater Philadelphia area (Pennsylvania). After school I plan to follow my passion of trading stocks.

I love trading stocks. There is no better business in the world than trading. Think about it. Is real estate better? No. What about selling cars? No way. Trading stocks is by far the most flexible and rewarding business. That being said, because I consider trading stocks my business, I also consider each dollar in my portfolio to be my employee. I want my employees making me money, not losing me money.

This blog is mostly for my personal development as a trader. I plan to keep a journal of my trading activity on the blog. Every weekend I will re-cap what I did the week before and why. The reason I am doing this on a publicly viewed blog is to force myself to be honest about my performance as well as my trading decisions. I will have you to keep me in line. The blog-journal format will force me to really take ownership of my trading as I will be answering to my readers.

Another aspect of this blog is information finding. Because I am a student of the market, I spend the majority of my free time conducting research about trading and the markets in general. I will conduct interviews of knowledgeable professionals and pick their brains for answers about the current business environment and/or gain insights into what it takes to be a successful trader. I will also post my research findings on this blog.

Keeping my trading journal on this blog will allow me to reflect on my trading performance. The goal is that we can all benefit by learning from my mistakes.

Happy Trading,